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AJ. Broke a rib on the back of the back yesterday. Probably got a crack already last week, but the hit of the entire the match yesterday. 'Ll probably stop playing football.

Was at sportsmed on Carlanderska and was given painkillers, Panocod and pronaxen. I can run my rehabövningar for knee, eccentric tåhävningar and rubber band exercises without any major problems, but all the stretching exercises on the floor and weight lifting goes away. Also running well at the moment. However, I tested a threshold that in the training cycle, and it worked fairly well, so it will be a focus bike for a while to come. Hopefully just a few days, but it depends on the pain. I don't want to work out with pain in the body, because the body will not be able to speak up when it becomes too much.

But I see this as a natural rest period, and as long as I can keep me off a little easy with the bike, so it is quiet. Probably not in the göteborgsvarvet danger either, and if I get the races so I will probably manage to make my triathlontest on Aktivitus next Saturday. VO2 max test and heart rate in both the 100 metres and on the test cycle for two hours. It'll be good to …

Muddy forest trails an early morning

Just before sunrise, right out of bed and out of the forest. To run without energy in the body may seem tedious, but it is actually very nice. The body adapts, and starts working with the energy stocks stored in the body, i.e. the fat. In the past I have known when the body goes over in fat loss, but now it feels like it's there right away. Of course, it is tough the first few kilometers, but then drop it in the legs.

Now I tested how much of the forest around where I live that I can run in, and how much that is thicket. I ran fast 2 times, but otherwise it was fine forest trails and horse paths all the way. The definition of the fine in this case was that they were running only. Mud and water is just a bonus, and no real problem when I have inov8 shoes on me.Trailrunningskor

The distribution of the round was 5 km on paved road, 5 km lighted trails, paths and 14km, 2 km jungle.

The beautiful with the trail compared to road transport, is that you are less tired afterwards. It is not possible to keep the same tempo in the forest, and it rips less on muscles. But I'll probably mix it up with some more common longer long session also so as not to get too comfortable a. ..

selfie trailrun


Jack on the nose is only half related to sports. Slammed the trunk right on the nose in the parking lot before the football match on Wednesday. Only the tape properly and stand between the posts.

Registered for my first ultra!

Sandsjöbacka trail marathon was my first marathon, and my first ultra is a tough mountain climbing in Spain.

Yesterday I reported myself to the Ultima Frontera! Start going on October 18, 55 km and an upgrade at 1900 metres altitude. It is 3 weeks after lidingöloppet, so it fits in well in the timetable. Now that I saw was the only Swede who was reported so far. Will see if I can get with me any more, maybe my new running friends at Aktivitus.

I was out there and ran a nice trailpass with them yesterday, in the forests around Kviberg. Nice nostalgia for me, as did national service there 20 years ago.

Today I am a bit rubbery though. Drove a hard long session on bike with CJ out to Marstrand. Strong headwind nearly all the way out, a flat tire and tired thighs. Ran before breakfast, without energy. But I did fill up when we changed the tire, otherwise I would probably not have taken me home.

Functional and sequential-step analysis on Aktivitus

Yesterday I met Emma on Aktivitus where I did a step analysis. Easy jogg on the treadmill as heating, and then we went up to long session tempo while Emma filmed. She turned on a few simple things to keep in mind to improve running economy, and then she filmed me again.

Move forward centre of gravity, pull up the knee a little higher and try to pull up the heel more. It felt kinda odd, but when we looked at the movies, it was like night and day. Now it actually LOOKED as if I was running even on film.  She pointed out, however, that my current style was probably more economical, and that way I will prefer to run on for longer sträkcor. But for speed, it is the left variant that applies.


Position was good, which is probably due to the fact that I have trained a lot of trunk and back strength to cope with skiing.

Fuktionsanalysen showed that I have good mobility and stability in the legs, hips, torso, chest, but that I am stiff as a refrigerator in the shoulder party. Have always suspected this, but I got an exercise program, or stretchprogram in order to fix this. Will try to add it after every löppass.

Otherwise, I will continue with strength training in the same extent as in the past, 3 times a week, and in the same way. Here, there is no point in changing something that works. But I am going to get a proposal on the training program in terms of the races

A swinging week

After having trained hard last week, I thought I'd take it easier this week. I skipped the morning passes completely, and on Monday I took a needed day of rest.

Last Wednesday, I met Mattias Lundqvist at Aktivitus, and it was very inspiring. Here I felt I've met like minded, and I look forward to spending some more time there. On Monday, I will make a functional and sequential-step analysis, and hopefully will be able to develop my running another step.

Inspired by this stack I out and did one of my best distance that ever, 19 k in 4:23 pace. I tend to not be able to keep such a high tempo on my workouts, and it promises the best for göteborgsvarvet. The goal there is set to sub 1:30, and it feels pretty reasonable right now.

Then beat the disease to … It was a very long time ago I was really sick. The occasional cold, there has of course been, but this was something else entirely. Total tire in one day. Have no idea what kind of virus, but now I can in all fall be up there and go. Hope it goes over relatively soon, but right now I see it as a way for the body to recover and rest.