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New training programs, and lumbago?

Last week I started my new training schedules that I got from Linda at Aktivitus. The focus is on running and cycling, and it extends 16 weeks ahead. I decided with this to run my first triathlon, and it becomes Tjörn Triathlon on 30th August.

I knew right away that it was a difference in training now compared to how I've driven in the past. I also have pulsbaserat vissta run earlier, but now my heart rate zones properly adjusted upward, which means that the intensity of the exercise will also be higher. It is quality through and through. But at the same time it shows enough that I have a larger capacity than what I've seen in the past, especially on the bike.

Unfortunately, I missed all the beauty of long session that I would run this weekend, because of a lumbago. It started out as a light stretching in back at the gym on Friday morning. Rest, I thought, and skipped the swimming session in the afternoon. I had a little trouble finding a good sleeping position, but there were no major problems.

Then I would turn on me in bed, and then crashed to. A terrible pain and unable to move on me. I was on all fours in bed and could not put me down or set me up, then finally Linda was forced to call an ambulance. They found that there was probably lumbago, and that all I needed was pain medication. And stuff, I have at home, exactly the same dose and kind when I broke the rib of a few weeks ago.

Aspirin solved the most difficult cramps, so I could sleep. But the whole weekend was the rest, and I missed two long session. But your body needs the recovery too, so it will probably be fine though. Hope that it is so good that I can cope with any cycle that to be run this week only.


AJ. Broke a rib on the back of the back yesterday. Probably got a crack already last week, but the hit of the entire the match yesterday. 'Ll probably stop playing football.

Was at sportsmed on Carlanderska and was given painkillers, Panocod and pronaxen. I can run my rehabövningar for knee, eccentric tåhävningar and rubber band exercises without any major problems, but all the stretching exercises on the floor and weight lifting goes away. Also running well at the moment. However, I tested a threshold that in the training cycle, and it worked fairly well, so it will be a focus bike for a while to come. Hopefully just a few days, but it depends on the pain. I don't want to work out with pain in the body, because the body will not be able to speak up when it becomes too much.

But I see this as a natural rest period, and as long as I can keep me off a little easy with the bike, so it is quiet. Probably not in the göteborgsvarvet danger either, and if I get the races so I will probably manage to make my triathlontest on Aktivitus next Saturday. VO2 max test and heart rate in both the 100 metres and on the test cycle for two hours. It'll be good to …