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Preparation of triathlontest

On Sunday, I've booked up me on a triathlonpaket on Aktivitus. An advanced running and cycling test and VO2 max test on the treadmill. 2 hours takes it total, and a day of rest before are recommended.

So I've had to adjust my exercise program, and ran my long session running today instead, and then I'll try to squeeze in a spin bike tomorrow afternoon. We can see what a lot of time långpassen takes when you can't run them in the morning.

For this morning, it was fishing in large kroksjön to risveden. Our Walpurgis tradition to hike to the Lake on Wednesday and pitch a tent over, we do not want to compromise. 08:00 on the morning of May 1st then go start of fishing! 5 nice Rainbows, we took with us home. tomas_irma_2014Fortunately, taking the hip up most of the weight in the backpack, it has only been in place, it feels nothing in the back.

I can run and ride a bike almost unimpeded, now takes only panocod for the sake of the redness and swelling. But to be ihopkurad in a sleeping bag on a thin mattress was almost more than the rib fixed. Quite impossible to find a good sleeping position without freezing to death at the same time.



AJ. Broke a rib on the back of the back yesterday. Probably got a crack already last week, but the hit of the entire the match yesterday. 'Ll probably stop playing football.

Was at sportsmed on Carlanderska and was given painkillers, Panocod and pronaxen. I can run my rehabövningar for knee, eccentric tåhävningar and rubber band exercises without any major problems, but all the stretching exercises on the floor and weight lifting goes away. Also running well at the moment. However, I tested a threshold that in the training cycle, and it worked fairly well, so it will be a focus bike for a while to come. Hopefully just a few days, but it depends on the pain. I don't want to work out with pain in the body, because the body will not be able to speak up when it becomes too much.

But I see this as a natural rest period, and as long as I can keep me off a little easy with the bike, so it is quiet. Probably not in the göteborgsvarvet danger either, and if I get the races so I will probably manage to make my triathlontest on Aktivitus next Saturday. VO2 max test and heart rate in both the 100 metres and on the test cycle for two hours. It'll be good to …

Functional and sequential-step analysis on Aktivitus

Yesterday I met Emma on Aktivitus where I did a step analysis. Easy jogg on the treadmill as heating, and then we went up to long session tempo while Emma filmed. She turned on a few simple things to keep in mind to improve running economy, and then she filmed me again.

Move forward centre of gravity, pull up the knee a little higher and try to pull up the heel more. It felt kinda odd, but when we looked at the movies, it was like night and day. Now it actually LOOKED as if I was running even on film.  She pointed out, however, that my current style was probably more economical, and that way I will prefer to run on for longer sträkcor. But for speed, it is the left variant that applies.


Position was good, which is probably due to the fact that I have trained a lot of trunk and back strength to cope with skiing.

Fuktionsanalysen showed that I have good mobility and stability in the legs, hips, torso, chest, but that I am stiff as a refrigerator in the shoulder party. Have always suspected this, but I got an exercise program, or stretchprogram in order to fix this. Will try to add it after every löppass.

Otherwise, I will continue with strength training in the same extent as in the past, 3 times a week, and in the same way. Here, there is no point in changing something that works. But I am going to get a proposal on the training program in terms of the races