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Tjörn triathlon 2014

So it was time. After running on to a training program customized for triathlon (-swimming) from Aktivitus so it was time to test on triathlon. Tjörn triathlon 11.3 seemed like a moderately good possibilities. The distance was no stranger, and I have run a number of brick that was harder during the summer, again without swimming.

Figure 2

Förberdelserna pure body was decent, then Wednesday was quite heavy, and the 4 training session I did at that time was still sitting in the body even on Friday, but once I got started, so it felt good in the body.

I had packed complete everything during Friday evening, and after a havregrynsgrötfrukost I sat down in the car at 5:45 and drove to Skärhamn on tjörn. CJ and Carro met up at Exchange area with my support ticket, bag and tidtagningschip, and I put the prepared stuff. I added some extra clothes then it seemed like it might be a little chilly during the day, especially on the bike. Then I packed down wetsuit, plugs and goggles in case we had to, and passed away in joint procession to the start.

Ombytt and completed with wet suit, only to wait on startup that went 9:08 exercise class. Men's/ladies/masters starters went before, and it seemed to go pretty tidily. These groups were also not particularly big, because when our group would start the entire beach was filled to the brim by men and women in purple swim caps. When started, it was a pure chaos. Arms, legs and bodies everywhere. I could not get into the crawl at all, so I had to take it easy and let go past those who had the most urgent. At first turnaround after a few hundred metres the field began to get a little more spread out, and I was able to get into the crawl mode.

It was raining, but it did not so much when it was 17.1 degrees Celsius in the water. Really nice after a while, and the second half was the crawl all the way in force. I entered well in technology, and could switch to cycling after 45 minutes on the official timekeeping

the fluctuations are not my strong suit because I haven't practiced on it very much, or nothing actually, so it took her little time. 5 minutes before I was up on the bike. Got me new socks, and pulled on me softshelljackan as I cycled in during the winter, and even drove the vasaloppet in.

After just a few minutes on the bike, I felt that it was a really good choice. It rained and blew the whole first lap around Tjörn and it would have been really cold but. But now, I felt strong. Could lie and section of 30 km/h in the headwind, and up to 40 km/h in the downwind leg. I didn't have so much to do, so I counted how many I passed, and came up in 149 before it was time to switch. Had sensations in right back when I went on a bit too heavy in some steep sections, so I took it a bit easier up during the last lap. But 2:39 was a lot better than what I had expected on a bike part. Never snittat as fast as before, and it was not very good weather conditions. Pace sticks I put on last Wednesday was a really good investment!tomas_triathlon

Time for a switch to running. Here too, it was especially smoothly, it took a full minute to lump the shoes, and one to bring down the energibars in trisuiten. But I was dry on your feet, and it felt good in my legs. The first 3 km went in a little over 4 min/km pace. Though I was damn pissenödig… So after the first pass at the target ran behind a shed and kag managed to pull up snorren through the leg at trisuiten and pee. In an eternity it felt like, but 3 minutes in reality when I checked the clock.

After this floated it on. The pace was slowing down against 4:30 per km, but it is a vekvämt tempo to lie in. Heart rate low at around 145, but I felt that the back legs had krampat if I had pressed for more.

The slopes were heavy, but on the straights I could float on the good, and I came in towards the goal just over 5 hours in total with a time of 1:32 on the concluding half marathon. Ok, my next fastest half marathon after göteborgsvarvet this year. Forgot to set the clock after crossing the finish line, but the official time was 5:06:24. Here is a link to the results. MFigure 1et Erik and CJ directly into the goal. They had come in 9 and 1 minute before me, and after 7 minutes additional came johan. We took a break in the queue for massage, and got a proper review of the legs.

I felt incredibly fresh immediately after the race, and it is not impossible that I do about this. I think I can cut 10 minutes of swimming, 5 minutes on the whims and 10 minutes on the bike. Then I go for 5 hours with a good margin next time. If I do not run a full ironman next time …


sub40 on midnight run in Gothenburg

984174_10203726229228905_7992414760696869036_nI've been training pretty hard and felt tired last couple of weeks. Högerfoten suffered a blow when I ran backintervaller two weeks ago, and it has not quite recovered. Nevertheless, I have been able to run on as planned with ran the workout, not missed a pass.

I could even clip with a Skatås all-in last Sunday. All tracks in total completed skatås 44km at just over 4 hours. Perhaps not so surprising that I was worn in the week.10599723_10203681085100330_1911379591867165700_n

I made the last entry pass on Tuesday, tisdagstraileni Ängårdsbergen. Then I rested from the run the rest of the week. Instead, I focused on weight training and swimming, given next week's triathlon. More on that in a separate post.

On Saturday I brought the body with 1500 m crawl after lunch, and was able to relax and recharge with salmon and rice, and lots of fruits and raisins in the early evening. 3 hours before the start, I ate nothing, saw just to drink sports drink last hour.

After a short warm-up, barely 2 km in seal dust Hill, I put myself in starting the fold for tier 1B. Just then the sky opened up, and a heavy rain poured out upon us. Things did not improve to the start was delayed 5 minutes. I was not especially cold, but I have to remember plastic bag until next time. It's nice to run in short sleeves, but not nice to stand and freeze before starting.

The start went, and I added myself in the midst of starting the group. It was nevertheless a bit cramped, and it took the 500 m before I came by enough to find my tempo. At 1 km so had the power gone, and it became the 400 metres hurdles over 10 white ouppblåsta frames. Then floated it on. I found my tempo, which was around 3:40 min/km, and then I lay under the threshold heart rate of around 155 bpm. I increases at the end I thought.

A little up and down, but clean, and the first time the warning after 15 minutes came shortly after the passage 4 km. 5th km were up, and here came the first mile of 4 minutes. But then it was just to float on again before masthuggsbacken.

Last year I remember I could find quite a few places up, but now it took against. Several runners passed me in the beginning, but I didn't want to press too much. At the end of the Hill, I was caught up with them again, but it burned properly in the legs. Although it is 4:23 far too slowly. Not even on göteborgsvarvet, I had such a slow kilometers.

Perform I could roll on, but was overtaken. I had perhaps not so much the forces left to end anyway, and after my fastest kilometers, the 8th, at 3:28, Hill came up vegagatan. If it still had been vegagatan, now we ran next door and it was up and down and slängigt. No powder left in the legs and passed by 10 runners the last bit, and an additional kilometre over 4 minutes.

I headed in goals in 39:38 and the total location became 96: (a) and 11 (a) in my age group. A marked improvement since last year with almost 2 minutes and over 100 positions.

So it goes forward. The more races to do it for 40 minutes, the easier it will be. Though I will not say that it is easy to be at 90% of maximum heart rate in a mile. But the more times you do it, the more accustomed you become. I will try to push on in this heart rate of training sessions to come, so get used to the body. In particular, I shall try and press OVER threshold heart rate, to see how long you can work against the lactic acid. To lie and to section on threshold heart rate is, after all, to play safe;)