About me

My name is Tomas Amneskog, 42 years old and a father of 4. I am located halfway between elite and ordinary exerciser, love hard training and extreme challenges.

I live on a small farm, and I’m trying to live in harmony with nature. My goal is to produce 25% of everything we eat, and the rest should be as environmentally sustainable as possible. I’m not there yet, but working on it.

At the beginning of 2012, I decided to compete in vasaloppet. I was 39 years old, had only been playing soccer, overweight and in lousy shape. I knew I had to make the arrangement gradually. I added a diet, started going to the gym twice a week. I was doing 1 run in a week, and soon noticed how great I started to feel.

After six months, I had lost 15 kilograms, and had begun running twice a week. A friend told me to test the long distance session, and after that I was hooked. I ran lidingöloppet in autumn 2012 at 2:39, and 2013 I did my first the Vasa race in 7:28. First time in my life that I was on cross-country skis every was 3 months earlier.

It was just as well to make a Swedish classics, I thought, so I bought a bike in the middle of March, and cycled round Lake Vättern at 9:51 in June, did vansbrosimmet on 59 minutes in July, and began to practice more and more.

Autumn 2013 I ran lidingöloppet at 2:18, and in January 2014, I ran my first marathon, sandsjöbacka trail.

At first I felt happy with making a Swedish classic, but now I feel that there is something more that attracts. I want to run longer, harder. Find the kicks. Whether it’s training, competition or experiences.

The road there goes through ultra running, and the aim is that it should be as natural to run as walking. Fall 2014, I ran my first ultra marathon, Ultima Frontera 55k in Spain, and in spring 2015 my other, BUM 87k. I like the variety that a Swedish classics provides in practice, which has prepared me for the ironman in Zurich in the summer of 2015.




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