Monthly Archives: March 2014

Last entry pass for the week

Had a little dilemma this morning, then I didn't know if I would run my long session in the morning before Football Cup or after. But given how tired I was last night after 13 pass from Monday to Friday, so I decided to run after football.

And what a wonderful afternoon for running! next to the summer heat, and I had to run into the sunset. Was probably more tired after football than I wanted to admit, so I shortened långpasset to 2 hours, and I also got to chew in me a powerbar after 1:15 to Hurricane around. Are otherwise supposed to train solely on water. You know, race high-train low.

So-now I will gear up for a nice bike that at dawn. The idea is that I will put up with C-J and run up to Ottawa.


New training schedule

The first week with a new training schedules. It may look like much on paper, but so far it's not so bad.

Monday-6:15-quiet running, 11:30-weight training
Tuesday-6:15-quiet bike, 11:30-running intervals, 19:00-bike threshold that
Wednesday-6:15-quiet running, 11:30-weight training, 19:00-long-distance runner
Thursday-06:15-peace cycle, 11:30-Running threshold, 19:00-bike strength
Friday 06:15-quiet running, 16:40-Bodypump
Saturday-6:30 pm-long session running
Sunday-6:30 am-spin cycle

And since I'm not an elite athlete, so I'm not stressed out if I miss one or two sessions a week. It is the body that decides, and if I'm not going to work out injured half. Then comes the job and life in the way, and then it is just to delete a pass.

That's the big advantage of having many that scheduled. There will be always something done.

Can I call myself a runner now?

I was going to start up with a good result. Yesterday I ran for the first time in 40 minutes at 10 k, 38:59 became time of demonstrably Göteborsvarvets in Gothenburg. It blew hard, but I found good backs on the first lap. On the second lap I was tearing more in headwind.

I've read somewhere that you cannot call themselves for runners before it has been during 40 min on the mile. So it is time now.

Hi, my name is Tomas. I'm a runner.