New training schedule

The first week with a new training schedules. It may look like much on paper, but so far it's not so bad.

Monday-6:15-quiet running, 11:30-weight training
Tuesday-6:15-quiet bike, 11:30-running intervals, 19:00-bike threshold that
Wednesday-6:15-quiet running, 11:30-weight training, 19:00-long-distance runner
Thursday-06:15-peace cycle, 11:30-Running threshold, 19:00-bike strength
Friday 06:15-quiet running, 16:40-Bodypump
Saturday-6:30 pm-long session running
Sunday-6:30 am-spin cycle

And since I'm not an elite athlete, so I'm not stressed out if I miss one or two sessions a week. It is the body that decides, and if I'm not going to work out injured half. Then comes the job and life in the way, and then it is just to delete a pass.

That's the big advantage of having many that scheduled. There will be always something done.

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