A swinging week

After having trained hard last week, I thought I'd take it easier this week. I skipped the morning passes completely, and on Monday I took a needed day of rest.

Last Wednesday, I met Mattias Lundqvist at Aktivitus, and it was very inspiring. Here I felt I've met like minded, and I look forward to spending some more time there. On Monday, I will make a functional and sequential-step analysis, and hopefully will be able to develop my running another step.

Inspired by this stack I out and did one of my best distance that ever, 19 k in 4:23 pace. I tend to not be able to keep such a high tempo on my workouts, and it promises the best for göteborgsvarvet. The goal there is set to sub 1:30, and it feels pretty reasonable right now.

Then beat the disease to … It was a very long time ago I was really sick. The occasional cold, there has of course been, but this was something else entirely. Total tire in one day. Have no idea what kind of virus, but now I can in all fall be up there and go. Hope it goes over relatively soon, but right now I see it as a way for the body to recover and rest.

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