Registered for my first ultra!

Sandsjöbacka trail marathon was my first marathon, and my first ultra is a tough mountain climbing in Spain.

Yesterday I reported myself to the Ultima Frontera! Start going on October 18, 55 km and an upgrade at 1900 metres altitude. It is 3 weeks after lidingöloppet, so it fits in well in the timetable. Now that I saw was the only Swede who was reported so far. Will see if I can get with me any more, maybe my new running friends at Aktivitus.

I was out there and ran a nice trailpass with them yesterday, in the forests around Kviberg. Nice nostalgia for me, as did national service there 20 years ago.

Today I am a bit rubbery though. Drove a hard long session on bike with CJ out to Marstrand. Strong headwind nearly all the way out, a flat tire and tired thighs. Ran before breakfast, without energy. But I did fill up when we changed the tire, otherwise I would probably not have taken me home.

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