Triathlontest on Aktivitus

So it was time to test themselves in real life. Last Sunday, i was in Aktivitus premises in Kviberg for a triathlonpaket. This means:

  • An advanced test on the treadmill with lactate measurement
  • An advanced test on bike with lactate measurement
  • A VO2max test on bicycle or treadmill
  • A personalized exercise program over 16 weeks with focus on Triathlon (cycling + running)

I started with the lactic acid threshold test on the ergometer. Heating, and then running. around 80rpm, and an initial load of 80W. Then increased with 40W every three minutes, a trick in the finger and measure the lactic acid concentration in the blood. Energy levels in the bones will run out long before kondisen, and already by 154 of the pulse is the lactic acid on top. Here is a picture of the test results:
bike test

Then it was time for the same measurement, but this time on the treadmill. I had to walk and jog slowly until the lactic acid were down at the right level, and then began to test. 1 degree tilt, and 12 km/h on the treadmill. An increase of 1 km/h every 4 minutes, and measurement of the lactic acid. As you look at the chart below, so is both heart rate curve and lactic acid curve much more even, because I run more than cycling.

I was a little surprised by the results. Quickly explained and I will keep me in the blue zone on the long session, the green at a distance that, and the red on interval workouts.

Converted to the rate corresponding to the 5:00 pm-4:20 pace on long session, 4:20 pm-3:45 pace on that distance, and faster than 3:45 on interval workouts. Pretty much harder than the workouts I run now, especially remotely passes where I lie and fart in the 4:30 pace.

Vacant this evening it was time for a VO2max test. On with the mask over the nose and mouth, and up on the treadmill again. Patrick thought we'd start the 15 km/h, and then keep the same speed, but increasing gradient with 2 degrees every minute. Really hard.

I reached my maximum oxygen uptake at 6 degrees inclination, but to a guy standing next to and shouts continue, so there is not much else to do. 5 minutes in at 8 degree tilt scream I in the mask and stop band. Your legs are like sticks, but I haven't quite reached maximum heart rate, it stops at 167.

The value then? 4.23 litres/minute or converted 58, 9ml/Kg/min. Not in any way a max results, but quite enough compared to the normal distribution.



So now I'm just waiting on my custom workout program, it will take approximately two weeks. Then it becomes hard training I hope!

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