Train with the infection in the body

I have read in many places that we absolutely do not train with an infection in the body. But it must of course depend on how severe the infection is. Never with a sore throat, I have also heard, but it must also depend on the type of sore throat you have.

I have had problems with tonsillitis for much of my adult life, but it has helped with penicillin, and in two days, it was over. Last fall, when I had surgery meniscus, I got an infection in the throat, of the same type as all my previous tonsillitis. But now, I was advised by the doctor to heal it out instead. And it took a week, but then it was gone.

Now I got a throat infection again, the night between Monday and Tuesday. The same feeling that I always had, a sore throat and difficulty in swallowing. But otherwise, I was not so affected. I ran a hard bike workouts in the morning, one at lunch and a simpass, löppass in the evening. I had an eye on the pulse at all times, and made sure it stayed below the threshold at all times.

Sometimes things like this over on one day, but this was a persistent thing, so on Wednesday, I felt a little out of sorts, with a sore throat. I decided nevertheless to execute a pass at lunch, and after a hard interval workout with good track of heart rate, I felt better. Strange? No. As long as I don't have a fever, and the body feels refreshed, so train me.

In fact, I have a new rule when it comes to exercise and disease-if I can go and work, then I can also work out. I am too ill to work out-I will stay in bed and cure me.

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