Ironman Zurich 2015!

So where you signed up! Next year it will be an ironman in Zurich!

Tjörn triathlon was the half-ironman distance, but if one is to run a triathlon, so we must of course run an ironman. I actually had other plans for next year with more ultralöpning and stuff. But my dear wife convinced me that if we are going to do this kind of thing, so it might as well do it while you are healthy and physically fit. "You'll not exactly young," said she.

So now I'm taking the whole family down to Switzerland in mid-July next year. And already I've begun to reflect on the training approach. I will be running 2-3 that swimming this week, 3 that bike, 3 sessions of running and 3 strength workouts a week as a base. During the winter, I will also add 2 that cross-country skiing, which I after vasaloppet replaces against running and cycling. Hopefully I can even squeeze in 2 recovery exercise by running and 2 recovery exercise on your bike as well. I have just a little hard to see when they will enter in the schedule right now. But when I finish with the football in the fall so there will be a little bit more time.

I will also make much difference at a distance and quality passports. Monday and Thursday are quality day for running and cycling. At these sessions, I will give 100% and get your heart rate up in the top of the zone, I will find myself in. Other days and that I will focus on distance and let your heart rate to be at the bottom of the zone as I should be in. The swimming will be very focused on the technology, and then will fly to come by itself.

Yesterday I jumped more than ran the workout, and ran the strength on a bike instead. Have never sweated so much, and managed to push your heart rate up to the new maximum on bike, 157 BPM. On tonight's simträning I drove then intervals with a focus on technology, and found that it goes better the more you swim. 1900m total in under an hour of training. And then I took 20 seconds between each interval.

So, the target image for the contest is settled. I will improve myself with 50% on swimming, 10% on the bike and be able to keep my current löpfart even in a triathlon. I know that I will be happy to take me around, but I still put up a very ambitious target time of 10 hours in the end time. And I won't be disappointed if I don't pass the first time around, but, of course, aim there.


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