Forest maran 2014

When I heard about this contest, so I saw it as a good time to run a long session before Ultima Frontera in two weeks ' time. And the idea was that I would run nice and slow, in a comfortable long session tempo.


I arrived at Skatås shortly after 8, and after a short toastopp I went down to the soccer fields where the start went. We would run Vilmarksleden almost all the way, but the first three kilometres passed by get back, when the route was too unwell, according to the Organizer.

09.00 start went, and direct stack a bunch of 10 people off the lead. In the spotlight for fast pace for me, I would surely run quiet all the way under the plan.  The only problem was that it was hatch both forward and backward. I do have a history of running error in this type of race, and now I had not downloaded a map because I was sure it would be full of runners around me.

The first 4 km did well, but then I hung out on the runner in front of me down on the left. It was an orange snittsel there, but wilderness trail continued straight ahead. They know where they're going, I thought, and hung on. But after 700 m, it felt wrong, and I called ahead that it was probably the wrong way. We turned, and met a gang of 10 people who'd follow us, and when we got back to the intersection, so we saw that all ran on straight ahead. I dropped enough 60-70 positions, and closest to the mile I ran about people all the time.

The first water control came at 9 km, and the trip had been pretty quiet. It would not have been any problem finding after fadäsen at the beginning, and it floated at in decent speed until the second check at 20 km. Here I lay on the ground 15 according to scales, so I had run past the 50 runners along the way. And because I felt strong, only to run on.

Problem was that I was all alone again. No one in front, and no one behind. And after 1 km I ran, of course, wrong again, this time via a path which was right on a wilderness trail sign, and orange markings in the forest. 500 metres into, I felt that it was wrong, and ran back. I lost probably 10-12 positions, and ran on the same thread for the second time.

After another 5 km, it was time again. This time I followed a wide beautiful gravel road, and suddenly noticed that it was not the trail wilderness and wilderness Lerum anymore. Back again, and on the way to härskogen I passed the same group of runners for the third time …

At last drinking control after 33 km, I had passed some runners that I not passed previously. Wouldnt have cramping, so I pulled in me a lot of salt liquorice, and it worked decently. I ran the course, on the other hand quite quiet. But the last mile was still heavy. It was very up, and I felt that the pace was reduced.

I passed a few runners to, and when it was 2 km I started to see some officers on bicycle. Eagerly cheered on I pressed on the last bit, and got the car escort last 500 meters towards the goal. A total of 43.2 km in a time of 3:49:18. New personal best on the maran! Though I, on the other hand, has never run a flat asphalt mara and. .. And the top 10 was also in the men's class.


A fast inverse burgers, shower, and slid back to Skatås of Bro, before it was time for birthday parties for Tor and Vicky at home. In fact not very worn.

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