Long session paleo style

Have read a lot about Paleo and LCHF and workouts a week. LCHF I've tested in the past, and it's not really something for me. Too much fatty food. Paleo seemed more promising. The problem for me is not to eat dairy products and cereals. However, you can choose which grain to eat and which to avoid.

I've previously opted out of sugar and bread, and with this also the flour. But what I do not have known is that I have opted out gluten as well, and I will continue doing, but now more actively. I have also gained greater understanding of the difference between organic and other foods. So now I have switched completely on organic food across the Board. It hurts a little in the wallet, but it is worth it.

I'll get the now-milk from a farm house nearby, and make my own butter and yogurt. I will continue with. I will also continue my porridge in the morning, but maybe add a little more coconut, which is a commodity I have not been working as much with. In all cases, the main idea is not to eat any food that has some additives in itself. It becomes a bit like a blend of Paleo and rawfood and gluten-free. Think it will work well for me/us in the family.

I tried atleast a recipe I found on the blog under our roof at Energibars. I was out on my last long session before göteborgsvarvet this morning, and took a bite. Since I'm running train low, I waited to take a bite until after an hour, and then every 30 minutes.

It did not give that high you can get sugar stinna energibars, but it did not I stumnade, so it must be the melody in my workout long session. I will then run it on the competitions or not may I see. If I get used to me by completely from sugar maybe it is better to avoid it on the competitions as well. Gets an awful lot to carry itself as though …

The races then? Well, I've had some sensations in your calves last time. Probably because I added the technology a bit. So after a tip from my löpcoach Emma on Aktivitus, so I focused more on not to land on your toes, but more on the entire foot. I took out my old shoes with a lot of drop shots and ran. It felt quite strange at first, but it was gently against your calves, and now it feels good.

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