Falkenberg’s city race in 2015

Then it was time for my eldest son Tor making premiere at the 10 k distance. My idea was to take the 2 weeks of träningsledigt after the Ironman Zurich, and so far it’s gone well. Was out there and ran a very easy pass on 6 k last Friday for bringing the body a little only. But this race I have run 3 years in a row before, so it’s just stupid to break a fine tradition.

The weather was not very nice, rain, wind and 13 degrees. I and Tor found inomhushallen, and ran the warming there. The body felt pretty OK though, and we warmed in a little over 10 minutes, with some speed increases at the end to get your heart rate up.

We walked out 10 minutes before the start, and there I met Erik, Johan and Keke that would also run. I had no idea how the body would react, but I said I went in for under 40 in all cases. It, I have been running before. Tor stood in the middle of the start Group for over 5 min/km pace, as he aimed to go under 50 minutes.

I put me as usual, just behind the elite, and was waiting for the starting gun. In the middle of människohögen I put me. It’s warmer there.

But when the shot went, it was usually difficult to keep again. I quickly went out to the left and passed a lot of slower runners before I got into the rhythm after a few hundred metres. I was going to run solely on the pulse, and so got the pace to become what it became. And without reaching the top of the threshold heart rate went first mile at 3:38, so I continued in the same tempo, type. And in the second kilometer, I came up in the threshold heart rate, 156 strokes per minute.

Second mile was a little up, and finished in 3:54, but the third went in 3:46. Now I was up there over threshold heart rate, and I figured I stick in there and see how your body reacts. As usual, says the head stop, but now I know better, and push on anyway. Halfway I was stable just under 4 min/km, but then came the headwind, and a few kilometers just over 4. Now the pulse has risen, and was steadily over 160.

In spite of this, I felt I had pretty much be at 40, so I kept pressing. I know I can handle myself quite some time pretty close to max, and now I lay on 97% of my estimated maximum heart rate during the latest test in the spring. So I had to remain there as long as their legs could.

And they could. Last few kilometers there is even more at will, and last 500 are up to while trying. I squeezed out the last out of the body, and finished in 39:11 according to my watch. only 1 second slower than last year on this course, and then I had topped shape before the race, so I was very happy! The official time was 39:09, and 88.

Soon afterwards went Keke in goal at 39:46, the first time over 40! And pretty soon was also Erik and Johan in at just over 41 minutes. Great borne by everyone.

But I was waiting at the finish line at Tor. He had no clock, so I didn’t know if he had run for gently, or run like I know he can. And pretty soon I got the answer-he had run like I know he can! He came in at 45:11 and 320 who completed the placement of 1269. Incredibly good! The next year he hit me, or give me a hearty match, if he puts in a little interval training in your schedule.



Afterwards, I was really cold, after waiting on Tor at the destination, and then on the wind and the other children, so when we went to the dressing room it had been safely half an hour out in the rain and the wind. A hot shower, a warm change of clothes, and a walk back into the city centre where we traditionally eat Chinese food buffet until we are gorged.

But this somewhere I felt that I did not feel particularly good. Matt, pain throughout the body, and feverish. I was driving home, but once there I had to curl up on the sofa in a large down comforter, and then I fully decked. It was a reaction to the hard physical exertion followed by cooling.

After 3 hours in this State, I took a dose pronaxen and voltaren, and after some hour I felt the fever dropped. Today, Sunday, I feel better, but the body needed enough to recover properly, and I suffered enough even by the suites from Ironman the weekend before.

Link to official results

Link to the race on garmin connect

Ironman Zurich 2015

Here is a summary of the actual race. I post a separate post about preparations for the race later.

Sunday morning 4 am the bell rings, and it's time to get up and make breakfast. We are staying at Fischer's Fritz campsite 2 km from the event area, so there's only a short walk to the start. Last minute additions to the various Exchange bags. The forecast has said rain and thunderstorms during the day, so I add an extra bicycle shirt. Watch the bike, peel off the protective cover and head off to the swim start. On site I get confirmation that it's wetsuit prohibition, since the water temperature is 25.2 degrees. No direct benefit for a guy with very heavy legs, but you have to accept.thumb_IMG_3167_1024

New this year is that it's rolling start with självseedning. I am in the next slowest group, 80-90 minutes, and waiting for the start. The pros start 06:40, and I'm going in the water at 07:00. The start is quiet and nice compared to the usual mass starts.

I think I look a bit muddy, and watch glasses. Notice that I have not taken them at all, and drag them down over your eyes and continue swimming. I have come off a bit with the crawl in the final weeks, and swum almost every day for the last 14 days, so I'll soon into the rhythm. But I like to take at all to be confused with the other and swim, then I do not want to be bothered with kicks and nudges, so I put me 10 metres to the left of the entire field. Here I can swim undisturbed, although there will be a little longer way, and even if I do not get the help of being behind someone.

But oh how long it was to the first buoy… look at the clock, and it shows 735 metres. But that's just to round it and continue. It floats on well until turning processes were, but where it will be crowded again, and it's hard to get past. Once at the island, I am the missions out of the water to run over and jump in on the other side. I know I'm not even halfway, the official distance is 1500 metres the first lap and 2,300 others. But my watch is already showing 1996 meters … Have been swimming too far out from the track … The time halfway is 48 minutes, which is a little more than I bargained for.

The second round will be heavy. It has begun to blow, and the waves beat into the mouth and nose on the way out. I can still only breathing in one direction, so just to stay afloat. And continue to crawl. The last stretch toward switching is the waves towards my left, so it runs better. Now swallow I don't quite as much water. Up from the water bells I by at 1:48. The GPS on the clock stopped working half way into the final stretch, so the distance was just key 3.7 km, but more likely be I swum just over 4 km in total. And I crawled all the way! time was less important, since the main objective of my swimming was able to crawl over the long haul. And now I can, even in open water with a lot of people around me.  And without wetsuit in addition.

First switching to the bike. Now it was my concern out of the way, and now I was on safer ground with my two best branches left. Exchange area is large, and it's long way to get around. I took it quite calmly, for quiet indeed if I compare my switching times with others. But it was nice to get everything in place. Fixed when I would press firmly the shoes in the pedals they wanted to click in, and I realized that I have not removed the block guards. Of them, and discard them. Up on the bike and set off.


I thought open half quiet to get into cycling, but at the same time, bring up the heat. I had a stomach ache after swimming. Almost 2 hours in the water meant I got stomach cramps when I drink sports drink. But the first three miles were the rather flat, and where could I average around 35 km/h. And now I began to pass a lot of people. A bit in order to have something to do, I started to count how many times I passed. There will also be a good way to divide the space into smaller stages.

Then it was time for the slopes. I dreaded the beast, but found it was not so bad halfway through the first lap. Now should the Hill have come, and sure enough, I had climbed some, but not as much. Fixed then I had of course not come up to the Hill yet … After having climbed standing in the pedals in 1 km I thought that now takes the Hill end. but it did not. It just continued. 3 km steep uphill. I made sure to lie just below the acid threshold, and could climb the large rack up all the time. But then it perform, I knew. And it made it a little while before the next climbing started. Not as steep, but more than 5 km long.

And then it performs a. .. Really very performing. I lay in the speed position, and looked at the speedometer to the began approaching 80 km/h. Great I thought, good with speed. But when I approached a curve at the bottom and would slow down, Mark I to fly barely decreased slightly, and it started smelling burned… So I had to stand up, put on as much braking could be, and hope it doesn't come a sharp curve. But it didn't, and now it was flat again. A little climbing on 1 km before turning at Heartbreak Hill. But a steep one at that. First lap took 2:50, so I was well above 30 on average.


And out on the second lap. First 30 km was flat, and very be on barsen and pumping on. But I started to get very sore ass, and craved climbs where you could stand up. Though this time it was legs not as fresh, and it did not respond as good when I stood up. And when I got to the beast, only to switch down to the small rack up, and sit and chew themselves up. This time the climb took 2 minutes longer than on the first lap, and the next climbing, which I had thought was something other than a little tough on the first lap, was really annoying. But so shall it not be …

The last stretch toward heartbreak hill was flat, and I pumped in as best they could. It had begun to blow some, and it was an uphill battle most. And heartbreak hill was really tough the second time. The second round went on over 3 hours, but I had still made the 18-mile at 5:54 am despite all the slopes. So we should be happy with. And that's right, I passed 560 cyclists, and was passed by 15:)

Last letters before the races. I took once again good time on me, pinkade in 5 minutes, and got his back rubbed with lotion. Now it was really hot out there, more than 30 degrees in the shade and blazing sun. So you got a little triathlonbrännan though.thumb_IMG_3175_1024

I ignored the quick lacing, and changed the socks. Wanted good shoes before the final marathonloppet. Because I had taken it pretty quiet in Exchange I came pretty quickly into the races. Step sat quite nicely, and a nice and slow tempo just under 5 min/km was felt right nicely. Now I was in my element, and I continued to count how many times I passed.

First fluid control came after just 1 km, and they served both fruit and nuts in addition to all the junk food that are usually present. So I poured in me. Probably a little too much, but I wanted to have good energy. The checks kept coming with 2 km intervals throughout the race, and the first lap went relatively easy. Just over 50 minutes of 10.5 km is quite OK.

But then it got heavier. The second round began the bones speak up. No cramps, even though I only got in me 1 elektrolyttablett before I dropped the bag, but it hurt. But out on the 3rd lap, I stopped counting how many times I passed (I counted 560 before I stopped half way) and started thinking about what it was I was doing. Not in a bad way, but in the same way that I usually think when it feels heavy at the end of the course I have prepared myself long before.


Now it's 18 km left. Enjoy them. You have been looking forward to this for 1 year soon, so enjoy the last few kilometers. See each felled kilometers as a dear friend who you take leave from, and all that is in front of you as great acquaintances. And enjoy every kilometre. Spring easy, running easily and effortlessly. You love to run, you can run much longer than this, and you will run much longer. The legs hurts is just a sign that you are where you should be. In step. In the entry step. Here and now.

So it hurt, but I ran with a smile on his face. And I continued to push into me energy, now in the form of gels. And kilometres floated on. Soon, I was in front at the last, and then it was just pressing. Right through the last water control, and into the finish.


And to hear his name called, "Tomas, you are an Ironman!" was very nice. And the whole family was in place at the finish. And then I was just happy. Time, 11:42:59, was perhaps not what I hoped for, but I did not have it would be like. The final maran went at 3:44 pm, and it's actually my second fastest mara. I was tired, but pain in the body of course. No cramps. I've probably learned how to prepare before and during these races now.


And now I've done my ironman. I think this was a first and last given how much preparation you have to add that "disrupts" the rest of the workout. But I keep enough to swim a bit. That recovery after harder workouts …



Here is the link to the race on garmin connect: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/838714281

And here is the link to the official result:


Vätternrundan 2015

Time to test if the winter and the spring cycle training has given any results. The last two weeks has felt good, and on Monday I ran a contest on the go-cart course in Torslanda. 30 minutes + 1 lap. I've never driven so hard on the bike. Above the threshold, in principle, the entire session gave you wanting more.

And last Wednesday I drove the last pass before vätternrundan, a brickpass with 2 hours G2 cycle and 40 minutes distance running. Set a new personal record on the 40 k bike with 6 minutes, and I felt strong all the way.
IMG_3045 .jpg
I packed the Camper on Thursday, and headed along with my dear mother as a companion to Motala on Friday morning. I had a crummy start time, 23:52, since I didn't have any team to run with. Now it was no problem to change, so I started 04:56 instead.

At the start I saw a bunch of Motala AIF CK that had the same start time as I had, so I checked with them what they had for the target, and they wanted to run the sub9, which suited me perfectly. So I was going to hang on to them from the beginning.

the start was moved this year, but just as usual we escorted out of Motala in leisurely pace. And when we then started cycling, it was very easy. Pretty soon the whole Motala gang rolled past, and I joined in the tail behind a couple of Germans who also hung on.

The weather was perfect. And even if it was a head wind, there wasn't much of it. But it is quite jerky in the tail of a cluster, so when Pro teams passed so I thought I'd hang on to them instead. But it was not directly help, when they low and rotated, and it's hard to find a good rear wheel when it is not in the rotation.

I lay and sealed the gap between pro and Motala, which was directly behind, but I didn't want to put me behind Motala, because if I lost where there was no backup. So I stepped on, and it felt pretty good. Except when I put my trekbar in my throat, and dropped back. But I got a nudge in the back, and extrafart, and could continue to clog again.

Pro team went into a private account after 10 miles, so I latched onto the Motala again. The University began a couple of guys in motala gang to get tired, so I went in and sealed the revolution, and then it was ok for me to be with and rotate. And so much easier it became! To have a wheel to hang on, no strange jerks, and up and take a little while.

We paused in Alberta, and even though I had only drunk a bottle, so I spent the better part of the stop in the urinal. One I filled in with more tailwind, gripped two bananas and a bun, and latched onto the motala again.
IMG_3046 .jpg
Pretty soon I noticed that we were fewer and fewer who pulled in the rotation, and up against Hjo at 17 miles, we were just 6-7 pieces that were up and pressed on. But I felt strong, and had no plans to put me back on the reel and rest.

We stopped quickly at Boviken at 22.5 mil, and rolled out again. Now it was very many worn motala cyclists who wanted to be on a roll, so from here and in we were only 5 people that were up there and kept the speed. But I felt strong, so it was not a big problem.

I began to have sensations in his left knee, but it would be strange if there was somewhere after so many miles. I ran even on fairly heavy bills, find it easier to keep the momentum then.

With 10 km left wanted to motala gang gather all and roll in case joint, so I pressed on alone the last stretch towards the target. And even though the wind was against, and with no backs to go on, so I was able to average around 38 km/h last mile.

And then came the goal! Full of people as usual, so I had to get off the bike before I crossed the finish line. At 8:47 PM! Mom stood at the finish and cheered and photographed, and it feels extra good to go in goal when faced with love!
IMG_3053 .jpg
I did not submit the bike, mom and I sat in the Park and ate vegetarian pasta with light beer. Just the vegetarian diet, and I could care less about the sugar bombs during the race, is probably the secret I have known me so fresh in the last races. Easy and Nice in the body, but still fullalddad with glycogen in the muscles.

Because mom was driving, I had to wait 6 hours before I drove home. The camper delivers again. Amazing handy when you're out there and competing.

Borås 87km Ultramarathon



So it was finally time to try out the body or head, and set to run long than I've ever run before. 87km, or 50 miles at ultraspråk.


The preparations have seen trust different from before the second race. It is not required any real fill, then it is not about to run as quickly as possible. It is not directly the ability to lie and put pressure on the 95% of the maximum heart rate which determines when to out and run up to 10 hours.

On the other hand, it is nice to be loaded with glycogen in the muscles, but at the same time easily in the body. I swapped out all the food the last two days to a mostly vegetarian diet, and Friday before I drove completely vegant. An interesting experiment that struck out well, then I had no problems whatsoever with my stomach throughout the race, the body felt easy and Nice.

I planned to get in me around 250 calories per hour as I was out and ran, and approximately 0.5 litre of fluid. I ran with inov8 backpack with 2 litre bladder that I loaded with a new sprtodryck which I was testing on contest, Tailwind nutrition sweden, a sports drink developed by ultralöpare for ultradistanser. Except that it is not sweet and gooey as other sports drinks, contains all electrolytes that your body needs.

But I also wanted to download with a little extra to chew on as well, so I botaniserade some in green shed at vasaplatsen, and picked out a couple of energibars with only natural ingredients. TREK bar was a nice surprise, but I was also with me RAW bar and CLIF bars. The latter is a bit too sötsliskig for my taste. As the contest went on home turf, so it was pretty easy to pack. A dropbag with a few extraskor and a change of clothes, a few bars and sports drink, as well as a new favorite that I cooked the night before, bananburrito made egongjord råristortillas, peanut butter rolled around a whole banana.


The start went from Skatås 8 am, and I was in place from 07:00 it was a nice atmosphere in the Guide hut. I don't know why, but everyone who has decided to run far and long are very nice people. No stress and compulsive. A little sistaminutentips from those who started in Dallas the night before, and run all night, to turn and run back was sitting nicely. 10 minutes before the start I took of me a sweater, and ran in the networks in place and a vest. Because it was raining at the start, I had a thin rain jacket over.

I and CJ was going to spring out together, and keep 6 minute pace first bit. But just when the start went it messed with his vätskerygga, and I came away from him directly. I took it easy some kilometres, and thought that he will catch up soon. But he never came up, so I ran on. And the pace a bit, perhaps in the low side 6 minutes the first few kilometers. But I found that I took it easy anyway.

The goal of the course was, after all, to take me to the finish. I had no time or investment goals, only one fuel on how long it might take. Somewhere between 9-10 hours I thought before. Though I had not counted by 8 degrees and heavy rain. That in itself is not particularly funny, but it does, of course, that a large part of the course looked like a swampy leråker.

BUM 2015


But once you become soaking wet on the feet, so you just have to run on and ignore how wet it is. And how hard you try to prevent rain from seeping in, so probably is one soaking wet anyway.

First bit went nice and slow. I kept a pace as I should be able to keep forever, and after 17 kilometers showed first drinking control up. I pulled out my little Cup, and drank a cup of clean water. Pretty nice when you have been drinking only sports drink all the way. However, I ignored as usual in coke, potato chips and candy, and kept me to my bars.

From here the path toward change and härsjön character, and there will be a lot of pieces of gravel road. Here's my tempo, even when I run out extremely quiet yet around 5 min/km, and the body was continued good. I had the running this way before, last fall during forest maran. Then I know that I had started to become very worn around 30 km, but it was not now. Then I was not even halfway.

Here somewhere, after first half marathon, one must begin to occupy the brain. If it goes nice and slow the first two hours so you can just relax and run. I have done a thousand times before, and we know not of the body. But then something happens. It's starting to hurt. It begins receiving. You have to divide the space in stages.

Now I ran my second lap Gothenburg. And I had 11 km left until I was going to start the longest race I had done up to now, Ultima Fronters at 55 km. So I kept telling me that I was about to warm up before the race, a race that I actually managed to run. And when you think about it like that, POPs the next control completely magical.

Once again, I took a cup of water, but I also took me a sandwich. I had still been running for 3 hours, and a little hungry was of course. But in my head I would soon start Ultima Fronters, so there was no point in hanging around there. Off again.

If you hoped for a shower at the beginning, and then stops, so you had to quickly think again. As soon as the rain held up I took off my rain jacket. It still right hard to run with it on, and then I pulled on it when it started again. And although there were scattered showers, so probably followed the showers with me all the way from Skatås to Boras. More than half the time it rained, and look as tight poured it down.

But I felt fresh in the body and in the head. Rude fresh fact, and soon I was half way through and arriving in Holyhead. This was lunch, of course, and I was going to get in my good gorging myself bananburito. If I could find my dropbag so clear … I had packed a icebugrygga as dropbag, and it was quite a number of others who had the idea, it turned out. So when I looked through all the yellow, I came because I actually switched, and packed a blue. I took off and turned on the bladder with water. I was quite surprised when it just went in half a litre, so I filled just a bag of sports drink, and decided to drink more second half. I also pulled me off the soaking wet vest, and put on me a dry shirt, pinkade and pulled away.

With all the hassles on the road, so it was a much longer break than I anticipated, 12 minutes, so I were running on immediately afterwards. A little cold, I was without the vest, but I thought I would soon get up to temperature. Now that would be lättsprunget in to Boras. And so it was for sure if it had not been ösregnat in two days before. Ban profile showed that there was some height meters to manage before it came to Boras.

Screen shot 2015-05-31 at. 21.32.25

First 7 kilometres walked through the Woods, and while it was mostly performs, so it was not especially fast until I came out on the gravel roads again. This customer's I once again keep 5 min/km pace, and it was still quite OK in the body.

55 km into the race I passed the longest stretch I've ever run before. And considering how I felt when I finished in time, so I was almost surprised how refreshed I felt now. Sure, I went in the steepest uphill slopes, and sure enough, it was not exactly easy to launch the body afterwards. But it happened, and I had no feeling of cramp somewhere. And right as it was showed off a new control. Water and sandwich, and set off. No waiting and no idea that harden into. Continue run, now it's just a lidingö race left.

And lidingöloppet, I had the run three times in the past, so I knew that I managed. And now, I kept a pace that was far slower than my quiet long session on Saturday mornings. So it was just a small exercise left to the finish. Continue run …

Here somewhere, with rain jacket smetad around the skin, the brain begins to try to convince the body that it is time to stop. I have run enough for today, and that it is enough now. But it does not want it. It is not enough yet, it's still a half marathon to go until goal in Borås. And even though it has already been running more than 3 Gothenburg lap or two lidingö race, you're not there yet. That's when it's nice to have a good reasoning techniques. That's when you wonder the body with phrases like

"You don't have to go in this ascent. If you run this little bit, you can go a little further down the line instead. There will always a new uphill where you can go. Now, running now. "

And so it runs on. It does not have extremely painful anywhere. It's a little tough in the head, but the mood is still on top when I get to the last control. From there, and in it is only 15 kilometers to Boras. To the city park pool, a hot sauna and a massage. I took a cup of coffee, and asked if I was feeling good, I could just say that Yes, I feel that I deserve. I took with me some chocolate pieces on the road, pulled the rain jacket around his head, and put it away after a guy who was at the controls at the same time as me.

We kept pace, and it was nice to have a back that go on. So far I had been running more or less right, just ended up in the middle of the jungle once, and it was a detour on just a few hundred metres, albeit right through the thicket. But now had a back and go on, so I didn't have to check the map on the clock so much. It was just to run on.

And first 7 kilometres were simple, much the way, and only a few Parties with woods. But much uphill. I got caught up with the guy in front of me, and we ran and chatted a bit. But I ran my own pace, and he soon dropped. But all of a sudden I had no back running after, and when we came to a small village, there were suddenly no small Orange tags that follow. I looked at the clock and saw that I was completely wrong. It was just turning around, and hope that I might be able to get on track again. Unfortunately, neither did the officials was banana low, so I dropped enough one kilometre here.

And now we ran together again. It was just 7 kilometers away from the goal, but stupid as I was I ran past again. And villade me away again. Again, a small forest round, maybe not quite a kilometer, but enough to know that it is hard to run and jump over the storm-felled forest. In the end I came on the Court again, and decided to check out more after the markings than after a map. Especially as it did not the last bit next to the goal. The organizer had added a little extra round before they came in to Boras, and it was välmarkerad, so I followed it.

Soon I caught up with my friend since the last check for the third time, and now we were pretty much the same tempo. And when we came in at Borås streets, only 3 km away from the goal. Until now I had not once looked over his shoulder and was worried that it would come from behind and passed me. For it didn't matter. I ran the race to take me in the case, and neither time nor location played any role. I had run my own pace all the time.

But when there is a guy in a huge stack speed from behind and wind past when it is 2 kilometers left, then would you still take in. So I tried to hang on him, and took in on him, but he was ahead of target. But it did nothing, it was just nice to finish the race with the forces left. For I had power left. I had not enough strength left to turn and run back to the Skatås, but enough to quietly sit down and talk with the guys I run in goals with.

It turned out that we were 6.7 and 8 in goal, and the runner-up in the race had gone into the goal just 20 minutes earlier. Ettan, Patrik Steep, I hadn't had a chance against, but I am still very happy with seventh place on time 9 hours, 28 minutes and 18 seconds. Almost exactly between 9 and 10 hours as I had hoped.


And if you look at how strenuous the race was pure heart rate wise, it was, of course, sort of like a Sunday stroll. But it is not the pulse or fitness that sets the limits of this sort of race. It is the body and muscles, and they were right worn afterward. Now I know that I can run like this far. Next time maybe I can run on a bit more, and see how fast I can run like this far.

A hot shower, a hot sauna and a massage. It was very well organized at the City Park in Borås. Bear came and picked me up, but before we stack, we took a dinner that was included on the city bath. Very good food, and I poured on with vegetables from salladsbuffen.

The body felt after all pretty good afterwards, although it was difficult to walk in stairs. Though it was not until today, the day after, as it really felt that I had been out there and run. Not an led was tough, and it was a feat that I got out of bed at all.

Göteborgsvarvet 2015

Then it was time for one of the Favorites when it comes to running competitions for the year. It is with a certain love-hate to set themselves at the starting line. You know it's going to be tough, it's going to hurt, but it will be worth it afterwards.

This year, I had a little strulig upload with iliotibial band syndrome and various other small damages. But then dusseldorf, I have been able to work out at the good, even if it hasn't felt like top shape has been there. A haunting cold that has been in the past 2 1/2 weeks may be to blame for the latter.

However, I have known that I have become stronger, that I have been able to recover well, and that I've gone down something miles by adding on the diet a bit. I have stopped using all the greasy food, and started eating a little more whole grains, although wheat full grain. But most of all, I have got around to get in me more carbohydrates than before, which has done good for the exercise. göteborgsvarvet Medal So I headed in goals again this year, and I did it in new personal best, 1:23:44. I took me into place, as it is also 393 personal best!

And here's a report from the race. After a walk to the start at a little over 3 km warmed me up with two kilometres of running before I went to start the fold and stretchade. With start number 308 I started in the first group, and it was nice to escape the crowd. Just before the start I met together with a very focused Trotter.

13:00 when first starting shot be heard went, I saw the blue aktivitus Cap run away, and I tried not to even hang on. Warming had felt like that in my legs, but I pressed yet decently without render me. First mile went a bit faster than I had imagined, and I opened at 3:45. Now I was up in the pulse, and parked at 157 strokes per minute, 1 above the threshold.

When I came to seal dust Hill step pulse, and then I had raised heart rate warning on 161, Bell began to warn. I wanted to absolutely not shy on me any lactic acid so early in the race, so I struck by the tempo. But I could still make the third kilometer well under 4 minutes. When I arrived at the älvsborg bridge struck once again by the tempo up, and let your heart control your speed. Here came the first two kilometres over four minutes, 4:10 and 4:11. But I had a good margin to an average speed during the 4:00, so I am not worried about this, but pressed on performing instead, and again took almost all the time I had lost up. And now, it was downwind along the entire island. In theory, bad cases.

The first two kilometres along the eriksberg went just under 4 speed, and I passed 10 k at 39:28 according to the official timekeeping, 39:20 according to my watch. But now it started to hurt. It was hard to keep up the momentum, and I had to push up to speed then heart rate began to fall down to and below 155 BPM. Intellectually, I know that I can keep a pulse on over 156 beats per minute without pulling on me more lactic acid than what the body can do with, but the brain at the same time trying to fool me to lower speeds. That is to be determined. Not to let emotions steer, and resist.

This is where hatred love of the race comes in. This is where we need to go into himself, shut out from time and space, and just let your body work. I sit as a small coach in head and watching a little on hold, and when it starts to go slowly. It's very meditative, and a very special permission to be in. After reading Scott Ee book eat & I would run to explore this meditative feeling more, even on longer races where I would not be on the high side of what my body can handle pulse wise.

I looked forward to kilometre 12. Where would Linda stand with all the kids and cheer. And even though I just saw them a short second, so it was a energiboost, and, götaälvbron, suddenly became very easy to run. I was able to hold 4:01 pace up the bridge, and passed a lot of runners here. Around 50 pieces, it turned out.

And it kept in its own right. After drinking a mug of energy drink in the face of the way up the Avenue, I felt again easily in the legs, and could run on and pass a lot of people here, although kilometers times fell just over 4 minutes. But now, it was not a long way to go, and it was just holding on.

After Vasagatan, only 3 kilometers left, and this time, I missed not the last mug sports drink. Ascherbergsgatan was now surprisingly lättsprungen, and I leaned down again kilometers times during 4 minutes. It was not until the last mile as it began to feel heavy, but then I had already done all the heavy lifting and passed another 50 runners from götaplatsen inside out.

But the last mile should go quickly, and with 1 km left, I saw that I had the chance to crawl under 1:24 if I could keep the momentum. With the finish in sight I pressed on the last one I had, and clocked 1:23:44 on my watch!

I had dreamed about being able to run under 1:24, but had not really believed in it myself. Not when the body does not feel easy and fast. But now I know that it does not have to be absolutely perfect. As long as you've trained on well with good quality, and charged properly so it sits there. The shape appear. Now it took nearly 15 kilometers before it came, but it came close. thumb_IMG_2956_1024 And I am more than satisfied with the performance. To be almost the entire race in zone 4, above the anaerobic threshold, is powerful. The hard part is that now I know that I can, so there's no reason not to make it into something races to come, as long as your legs will respond.  Official Placement 393, here is the link.

Now I am looking forward to my main running challenge yet. Next Saturday is the BUM, Borås Ultra Marathon, and I hope I can get through.